jueves, 14 de agosto de 2008

Dr. Samuel Betances

Hay personas que surgen en el mundo para hacer historia. Me parece que el Dr. Betances es una de esas personas. El sistema fue creado por los seres humanos con el propósito de funcionar en sociedad. Pero si el sistema ya no cumple con su propósito, o sea, si somos conscientes de que no "funciona", es tiempo de cambiarlo, de modificarlo y de hacerlo evolucionar del mismo modo que nuestros pensamientos lo han hecho a favor del bien común.

Mis ideas siempre me habían parecido un poco"utópicas" o tal vez poco prácticas, pero el Dr. Betances hace de la igualdad un modo práctico, necesario y realizable.

Mi pareja partió de la isla del encanto hace unos días y muchos le han recomendado que se vuelva un camaleón cultural y se "asimile" a las multitudes de los EE.UU., y no precisamente se refieren a las multitudes de diversidad, sino al colectivo considerado "superior": los hombres blancos nacidos en los EE.UU. Pero se equivocan, él no tiene porqué asimilarse si tiene la capacidad de sobresalir. Y yo sé que él tiene esa capacidad, mi borikua de ojos marrones y olor a sal.

He aquí una reseña del Dr. Betances.

Samuel Betances: Profile
As a biracial, bicultural, and bilingual citizen of the world, Dr. Samuel Betances inspires willing learners to aim high, reject rejection, and embrace themselves and each other as powerful team members working toward a more prosperous future.
Decades of university teaching, publishing articles, and consultantships with private and public organizations bring to each event a breadth and depth of understanding on how we must make sense of differences. His newly released educational book/tape series Ten Steps to the Head of the Class has been outstandingly received by audiences everywhere.
Dr. Betances challenges and motivates clients in Fortune 500 companies, governmental agencies, community groups, community colleges, universities, lecture series and commencement events. New, non-sexist, and balanced systems, which will not benefit any one group at the expense of another, can only emerge when white males and non-traditional groups work together.
He brings audiences to their feet in women's issues forums, African American historical month activities, Hispanic events and celebrations on the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to name but a few. He challenges negative mindsets with his problem solving methodology and extensive grasp of issues.
Dr. Betances has merged eloquence and teaching skills to deliver his powerful message with conviction: "It matters less where we are from-what really matters is where we are going. Accept our diversity. Embrace it. Make it work for you. Harness the rainbow."
This great motivator was not supposed to make it. Out of the bowels of inner city poverty, stigma of minority group status, violence, welfare, and illiteracy in two languages, he arose. With strong spiritual convictions and a passion for reading, Betances has taken the hard lessons from the mean streets of life and reshaped them into his personal vision. He embarked on a journey from dropping out of school to a Doctorate from Harvard University. Today, America's foremost communicator on the challenge of casting away barriers to success is an honored Professor Emeritus, a consultant to Presidents, managers, community groups, clergy members, educators, and a role model for youth.
Dr. Betances is a superb workshop leader. His style is to guide a highly interactive, inclusive, fun, and spirited search for solutions. Sessions are customized to fit client's needs. Group exercises and interventions are geared at removing the formal and informal barriers, which impede the goals of the organization.
His success at bringing cultures together has earned him many awards. Much more than a lecturer, Dr. Betances works to help others learn the importance of pulling cultures together as a way of bringing America back to the top--in education, business, and society in general. As he puts it, "Our mission is to make America stronger, healthier, and freer than when we found her."

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